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A Day of Prayer on Capitol Hill

Prayer and Praise

Michaela's healing and a home

 posted by: Luke Clark on 5/2/2016

Lord we pray for Michaela to stay connected. Heal her Lord and bring her memory back. Give her a safe place to live within reach of our community whom love her. Give her peace and clarity to vent what abuse happened with that spirit of Saul. ... Read More

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Prayer for myself and Mother

 posted by: Cedric White on 1/6/2016

Lord I demand a job I have three misdemeanors and one felony I would like a job to hire me soon as possible a good one Read More

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church handicap entrance

 posted by: KellyDee Guess on 9/30/2015

my church doesn't have easy access for handicapped people to get in and my mother is now 79 years old. we are a very small, poor church and can't afford to build a ramp. pray that God will help us. Read More

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